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What to bring to your fitting session

  1. Clean feet with correctly cut toenails.
  2. Make sure you have no blisters or corns on your feet and toes. Injured feet will not load properly into Demi Pointe or Pointe shoes.
  3. For the fitting, please wear convertible ballet tights and a leotard.
  4. Bring all your current ballet shoes, flatties, demi pointe and pointe shoes. If you are changing brands it is important to be able to compare the difference in the shoes. If you come out of Grishko shoes it is important to see how you have worn them.
  5. Bring a pair of your current street shoes (not jandals) for us to see how you use your feet in normal walking.
  6. Bring a bit of patience and be prepared to communicate with us. The more feedback you give, the better we can fit your shoes!
  7. We are very keen to work together with your teacher and it would be wonderful if she/he were to accompany you, as well as one of your parents to a first fitting.