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 A Three - Part Course

Part 1:
Bronze Standard
(Private learning of this manual and a practical weekend course).

  • Understanding of background information and the history of how the Juon Pointe Shoe Fitting System came about

  • Basic understanding of the anatomy of the foot, and ankle

  • Assessment of the foot

  • Assessing if a dancer is ready for pointe – detailed physical assessment

  • Preparing the dancer and yourself for a fitting

  • Keeping records and photos

  • Fitting of pointe and demi-pointe shoes

  • How to prepare shoes for class

  • How to break in the shoes

  • Follow up of the dancer

Part 2:
Silver Standard
(three case studies, time determined by case study)

 Work with three different dancers and see them through the complete process. You may chose your studies and then discuss it with Esther

 Here are three possible examples.

  • From flatty ballet shoes into demi-pointe and then pointe

  • A dancer on pointe already, but has to be taken off pointe and re-educated and then put back onto pointe

  •  Working with an advanced dancer and making changes to the dancer’s shoes.

Part 3:
Gold Standard
A project of your own choosing that will help the field of pointe shoe fitting and can be shared with the rest of the pointe shoe fitters on the diploma course.

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